Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Aquarius zodiac career-Intro

The Water Carrier

Air Sign January 21 - February 19



Some Work Facts

Aquarians think for themselves and are always interested in learning new things. They won't hesitate to take their own paths in life and relationships, and that strong initiative will come naturally to them. Although this sign is very genial and might not be described as "fiercely independent", an Aquarius does have the potential to become quite upset if his or her independence is threatened.
Neither Aquarius males nor females like to feel confined in romantic relationships, and they both need alone time and the opportunity to maintain active lives as individuals while still serving as loyal partners.
The Aquarius profile is also one of an easygoing nature and a sign that makes good friends. Aquarians are not intimidating and don't have a problem with approaching a wide variety of people and cultivating a very healthy social life. Independent and unconventional in the way they look at the world, they're also valuable employees. An Aquarius will be cooperative when working on group projects and cordial in meetings and with customers, but he or she also won't hesitate to share an opposing point of view or offer a completely new perspective on a situation. For these reasons, it's easy to get into compelling discussions with Aquarians on many different topics.

Some suitable vocations for Aquarius  

Artists, Astronaut, Astrologer, Astronomer, Aviator, Academic, Announcer, Airline Staff, Consultant, Composer, Computer Programmer, Entrepreneur, Electrician, Entertainment, Inventor, Investigator, Fashion, Film Producer, Industry, Journalist, Legislator (Legal), Mechanic, Medical, Musician, Navigator, Research, Politician, Pilot, Researcher, Scientist, Statesman, Sales Representative, Sports person, Writer.  


Aquarius Zodiac Sign - Some Famous Aquarius

Abraham Lincoln
Angela David
Boris Pasternak
Burt Reynolds
Bob Marley
Charles Lindberg
Charles Darwin
Charles Dickens
Christian Dior 
Christie Brinkley
James Joyce
Alan Alda
Eddie Cantor
Geena Davis
Jack Benny 
James Dean
John Travolta
Boris Yeltsin
Jules Verne
Lewis Carroll 
Mia Farrow
Matt Dillon
Minnie Driver
Jack Lemmon
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Oprah Winfrey
Paul Newman
W C Fields
Yoko Ono
Virginia Woolf
Clark Gable
Norman Mailer
Farrah Fawcett
John Belushi
Dan Quayle
Jimmy Durante
Thomas A Edison 
Wolfgang Mozart
Franklin D Roosevelt
Vanessa Redgrave
William McKinley
Liza Marie Presley
Ronald Reagan 
Jennifer Aniston
Robbie Williams
Sir Francis Bacon
James Michener
Douglas MacArthur

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